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In The Beginning

Posted by: brian on Apr 27, 2009 - 10:36 PM
Chelan PUD Managers (Who's Angels?)
When Charlie Hoskins took the office of general manager, the management team had choices. They could bow down to him and do his bidding, no matter how unethical it was. Or they could stand up for what was good and fair and risk losing their job. Tough decisions. Which choice is the right one? Which choice did our highly paid management team make?
  • Charlie Cheats?
  • Charlie Cheats?
  • Charlie Wins
  • Hosken and the utility were criticized for excessive spending, mismanaging the switch to a new computer system, retaliating against employee criticism and creating a "culture of fear" among some employees.

  • Who Helped Maintain The Culture Of Fear? (The Management?)
    Where are those managers now? (Did they just get big raises?)

    This same team of managers recently took the stand in a court of law in this great land of ours, and lied in an attempt to bury their own dirty deeds.
    This group is still intact at the Chelan PUD. This group is still in charge and, giving themselves huge raises. Their raises larger than what your wife makes working full time, and they force you to pay more on your electric bill to help pay for their dishonesty, greed and mismanagement.

    If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck!

  • Chelan PUD ratepayers get a 9% hike

  • Note:

  • 'Lies, lies and more lies'

  • No-Crueler-Tyrannies

  • New Evidence?

  • Denial

  • What's Fair Got To Do With It?... I Don't Wanna Lose

  • The reasons for lawsuit loses due to poor management decisions? Any PUD managers want to claim any responsibility?
  • Conflict Of Interests?

  • ◆ Pay Graham the $351,000 awarded him by the jury following his successful lawsuit in Chelan County Superior Court on Feb. 26.

    ◆ The PUD paid $622,000 last year in settlement and legal fees to end a class-action lawsuit for back pay filed by dam workers.

    I commend you Dennis & Ann, but where does the management team sit on this??

  • An Attempt

  • What's Fair Got To Do With It?... $$$I Deserve More Money$$$

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